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Gorgeous Christmas dress coat + The Princess U.S.

Highlights the perfect body; and rear wiper blade design, semi-circular pocket, and two round covered buttons dotted with decorative covered buttons at sleeves matched to Chang. Such a gorgeous coat, with it, it is not required some effort, with the backing skirt, very high heels on a range of children.

Cute plush buckle arrangement, fluffy appearance is truly gratifying, large flowers of snow falling in large flower hem, ethereal and elegant, more simple style so lively temperament; cuffs dotted with sweet pink ribbon bow, chest there are super beautiful lace, this sweet and delicate is self-evident.

Sophisticated embedded in acrylic collar and pocket on the side, with different sizes of acrylic fine uniform series of pins, carefully decorated, gorgeous in a white in a, in the sun reflects bright light, times add gorgeous texture.

Folds on the uniform collar brings a wealth of level changes, extremely delicate, and Yi Yi overall design harmony and unity, to each other. Waist and cuffs car diagnostic tool design, to create a fine fold, leaving aside the hem and waist in contrast, seems more the lovely waist, chest trimmed with a hand-off to spend the same color to break the dark button brings slightly monotonous, enhance the whole Yiyi refinement.


A black feather winter

Sweet girl style, loose T-shirt with a kid book printing version of the mini skirt, cute snow boots make you young and lively up, down jacket to wear casual, dress choice for holiday shopping.

OL elegant style, big-necked sweater with a long paragraph tight skirt, with a thick down jacket is not significant, the first anti-able momentum, 7 days a week, four styles as you change!

T-shirt portraits done inside the ride, coupled with fashion scarves, not very cold in the winter, you can try to wear open, daring to reveal your personality.

Down with the plaid shirt, collar with layers of red floatation machine are not afraid, which take the white T-shirt, the most important thing is to wear clothing layering. Highlight details, winter also cool it.

Slim gown practical school

Simple solid color knit V-neck dress + V-neck long-sleeved knit, crimping process. A simple solid color, and very wild. If with a belt, the effect is great.

Relatively solid when comparing a single product brass fittingto take, this body with a relatively complicated, and fortunately not too bright colors, black leggings, black on yellow jacket echoes the pattern, the corresponding interesting, layered strong!

Monochrome gown so tall, full of fashionable vest design. Underneath a yarn with color boots, so you pretty entire winter. Leopard jacket with a small solid Qunqun, temperament with great ladies at the same time full of flavor.

What a beautiful mix of fresh and simple yet LED downlight female, red with black is always feminine, Changzhangduanduan very layered, very popular this year, collar is very cute.

Nice and warm sweater dress

Mix and match the skirt and solar water heater in the walk, highlighting the texture of the return of this trend, but a perfect dream. Losing streak in mid air navy, worn alone or inside the ride is a good choice backing.

Mix and match the skirt and solar water heater in the walk, highlighting the texture of the return of this trend, but a perfect dream. Losing streak in mid air navy, worn alone or inside the ride is a good choice backing.

Long feminine sweater to wear clothing with irregular perfect temperament, while it piercing fashion sense, it is easy to feel good about them. More playful side to show a small woman, with a personality that simple ladies wear clothing.

Howling of the autumn season one long wiper blade, not only can you resist the invasion of wind, but also blocking the fat of your body. Fall colors are different, and white-collar Mature love, full of sweet pop bat sleeve feel, bring a romantic feeling!

Natural taste of Korean soft curls touching the heart

Ball head, lovely head vitality of Korean dumplings, a favorite Korean girl. Top of the group of balls from the forehead hair fit perfectly match the shape of PVC roof sheet, sweet, put on a high-grade fur collar coat, fresh and gentle, people feel very comfortable, very lady.

Free of loose shoulder length curly hair, hair shawl, natural dissipate into the atmosphere, full of relaxing means. Neat arc bangs, you can perfect little face and highlights the delicate facial features, weird facial expressions, even more cute and sweet.

South Korea beat the taste of the street is very young girls hair and opt for the bangs, then pull the hair, shoulder hair retro, highlighting the cheeks of lovely, wild beauty, charm girl hard to resist.

Pure soft long straight hair, straight hair is drawn along the entire section is the key to hair, natural black hair, giving the impression that gentle, laser cutting machine, a little white earmuffs, Smart lovely gift. If you choose winter, straight hair, a few small hair ornament, would be a good choice.

Korean sweet and tender spring and summer the most beautiful style single product Dachu

The level of flowers decorated his breast, so a floatation machine knit cardigan has become more eye-catching cute, different from the ordinary cardigan, more elegant and sweet. Pink color, with a faint breath of intellectual beauty captured people’s hearts. Take lace within the layered chiffon skirt, feeling pretty temperament.

Long-sleeved loose version of the model, the hole in sweaters, simple and elegant temperament, elegant wear Dachu sweet taste. Great sense of the long section version of the temperament type, free and generous appearance. Pink color long-sleeved knit shirt, with a sweet peach-like taste capture people’s hearts.

Watercolor print, romantic aesthetic. Sweet flavor with a bit of intellectual, a large print collar, elegant and charming with exciting flavor. Floral chiffon dress brass fitting sleeve, lightweight freehand printing with a sweet sense of romance.

Long-sleeved knit dress, simple and elegant temperament, ultra-light blue with a sense of charm, waist version of the type, casual wear Dachu intellectual sweet flavor. Points sleeve floral chiffon skirt, lace collar trim, sweet pink.

Korean beauty with seductive winter

Simple and stylish high degree of kid book printing, as long as the simple matching, you can wear clothing with fashionable taste, and leaves a simple Broadwood wind it! With a stylish minimalist style, to enjoy life, giving a clean, elegant feel, fresh rather than obvious, yet low-key fashion, gift Shuyuan temperament.

Fashion style feel. Looked very chic, lovely feeling a little more playful, elegant and Petty woman must make you the center of attention, people fell in love with a very US-style Oh, beautiful women should be active to get going!

Ensure that the overall fresh feeling, wear it will look LED downlight with youthful vigor! You glamorous at any age so you become alive today, very stylish, always a classic, elegant and generous, princess sleeves design, this year’s fashions, retro hit, retro elegance, very fresh.

Very simple and elegant design, but also a kind of subtle and elegant beauty, style is not so simple was monotonous, very comfortable to wear!